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October 21, 2009



Sorry, but it's the kind of person most Brazilians don't fancy that much. It seems that she'd like to be American, French, anything other(/richer) than Brazilian. This type of I-hate-Brazilian-TV, I-don't-have-any-Brazilian-book attitude pisses me off. (some cute examples: "all the magazines and books I buy are in English", "I have to thank my parents for that, the last time we all watched Jornal Nacional was in 1993".
By the way, knowing about American pop culture is nothing more than vulgar: the whole world does that already. American high culture is what we must learn from this lovely, pragmatic people - from Poe to Rorty, Bloom, composer John Adams etc.
Just my opinion. It's not my intention to offend anyone.


that's my (talented) girl!


Why so defensive cause someone appreciates another culture? If I were in America and obsessed with Japan or Brazil, no one would care or give me a self-loathing lecture!!
I think it takes a close-minded person to only want to experience or appreciate their own culture.


It's not about appreciating another culture, it's all about alienation. I do appreciate American culture. Sondheim is one of my most estimated songwriters, I love Pollock's paintings, jazz and Whitman. My children will surely know every major Disney animation. But that doesn't mean that I disregard or ignore my own culture (plenty of oxygen here). The problem with this girl is that she acts like she wanted to live in the United States of America so bad that the mere fact of living in Brazil makes her feel like a loser to some extent.


Personne, I totally see your point. From that perspective, I can see how it would bother you, and that would bother me, too!


Personne, just out of curiosity, where are you from and where do you live?


Great blog, really cool interview and YAY for people with enough guts to burst out of their bubbles and allow themselves to absorb more than what's within their reach.....

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