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October 05, 2009



I absolutely feel what Eli is feeling. I am the newest family memeber in a new country. Thankfully (from what I gather) my in-laws have taken me in as one of their own and love me to pieces. Funny thing about the dog-- Sidnei is the same way with our dog. He just doesn't like to pet her or let her sit in his lap. It is a big no no. But he loves her. To me, it is so strange. I don't think she's dirty or makes me dirty (especially since living here she needs a bath usually twice a week). Ahhh well!


How cute!! I haven't had as much luck with my father (dominican)and my boyfriend of 3yrs(argentine). I have no idea what the problem could be...haha

mallory elise

ah man........my family has a sheep dog named Kip :P

Lenore Glickhouse

Grandma would have loved him, especially after your father referred to him regularly as his "son-in-law" with caring and pride. More importantly she would have seen what you see in him, and that more than anything else would have been the tipping point.
And believe it or not, grandma was also a sucker for a good looking guy!


You know you have a good guy when the family pet likes him - he's a keeper :-).

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