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September 15, 2009


Jonas Sá


My name is Thiago, I'm brazilian and my girlfriend is american. We are thinking of marriage, however, we would like to give it more time. Nonetheless, to get a b-2 visa might be impossible for me. I'm a lawyer but I don't work - I'm doing public exams... and I live by my parents' income. I was thinking of having a b-2 visa just to visit her and get back, since I have a masters to start next year. Every travel agent told me to not tell anyone that I'm committed to an american girl, that it is suicide... but, sincerely, I think it is the only way to prove I won't either do anything illegal or stay over the time I'm allowed. My girlfriend, though, thinks I should lie. I'm completely against start an official relationship with the american State with a lie. It can bring me trouble. If they deny me because they are suspicious I'm a criminal or I'll overstay... I can always have a K-1, if I say the truth since the beginning. But my girlfriend insists that I should say that I'm going to visit the U.S. just for some days... then we meet, and of course I will not overstay. Of course, though, I won't be allowed to stay more than 10 days, since I dont have money for a roadtrip. What do you think?

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