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September 16, 2009


Melo Franco

Oh dear...
What more can I say?

Rachel, thank you for sharing this gem.


As a Finn, I'm really glad to tell you that the programme you're talking about isn't fortunately the "nro 1 show in Finland". I don't know anyone who's watched the show for longer than the commercials (the description they sent you gives a pretty good picture why).


I got this email too!

Daily Rio Life

me too me too

Rodrigo Sirico

Já viu isto?


Of course the first thing I do when I go to Brazil is hide a diamond under my bicep.
Man, if they're going to want to have an interesting show, it's going to have to be a little more extreme....


I saw the clip on YouTube... if its the same show you're talking about. Lots of Brazilians leaving comments on that clip.


Holy crap that's depressing.


I guess they misunderstood the meaning of "shanty-town"... maybe its better to just use the words slum or "favela"... they talk about Rocinha as being another town, instead of a sort of neighborhood INSIDE Rio... which, because of that, contributes to Rio´s violence index, instead of being measured apart.

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