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August 25, 2009



I hadnt been by since you moved and I like the new header btw!

anyway it wouldnt happen to be BOA would it? That's the same bank Sidnei had and he had the same problem with this middle name/last name thing. Thankfully his drivers license had his middle name so mostly no one gave us problems with it! With all the hassle we just decided to leave it. When we talked to the branch they were quite rude and not helpful.

Eliane Wyke

Moro em Virginia há 8 anos e as pessoas ainda "acham" que soletro meu nome errado. Pois é, não sei escrever meu próprio nome! Com a imigração nunca tive problemas, nem com o driver's license, mas com correspondências pelo correio sempre tenho problemas, quando vou ao médico, etc. Meu nome é Eliane e todos me chamam de Elaine. Não tem jeito. É tão bom toda vez que vou visitar minha terrinha (Rio de Janeiro), todos me chamam de forma certa e ninguém nunca pergunta de onde sou, já que me parece que nunca vou perder o sotaque ao falar inglês! :-(


Try having a last name that starts with R and has a "da" before it. I could usually find myself filed under "D", "H" but never "R." :) When I got married, one of the reasons I took my husband's last name was to get rid of that problem, although I still need to spell it letter by letter and make sure the person does not automatically translate it into Spanish. My maiden name is mispelled in my driver's license, but the last name is fine, so I have not had problems there.


no-one but no-one in brazil can get my last name right -- it's williams, and they always spell it with an "n". and it's a very new experience, since my name is really common in english .. in fact i don't think i've ever had to spell it out here in london. but i kind of love it .. it helps me to understand how my brazilian boyfriend feels when his last name alves is always, always written "elvis" by call centre workers .. heh ..

(first time commenter by the way! oi, raquel, beleza?)


Meu nome completo é Roberto Simon Neto.
Óbvio que meu nome de familia ou sobrenome é Simon.
Nos USA não, só me chamavam de Mr.Neto.
Um porre !
E a pronunciação do meu primeiro nome "Roubértou".
Ai era até bonitinho, afinal de contas estava nos States e pelo menos é mais bonito do que o "Rupert" que os alemães me chamam.
Quanto ao Eli diga que é como o "Ilai" do seriado "Eli Stone".
Paciência que é assim mesmo, como diz o ditado "Em Roma fale como os Romanos !".



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Jochen Junker

My situation is worse, or funnier, whichever you prefer.
I am german, I have lived in the US and now I live in Brazil, in Rio :-) Neither in the US nor in Brazil people come close to pronouncing my name properly.

My name is Jochen Junker.

The "ch" in the first name is a killer, I am lucky if people manage a Johann (from Sebastian Bach...). The surname is similarly difficult. Even spelling does not help much, people in neither place manage the combination of letters and believe to have misunderstood something.

Of course I take it with a laugh, everything else would not help and just embarrass everyone. In the US people gave up and called me "JJ". Here in Rio they really make an effort, but even after 2 years my friends struggle with the name. I am used to it...

Of course IDs and everything else are randomly difficult, but showing my german ID has always helped. I have managed to do it all personally.


Rio Gringa

@Stephanie - how is everything by the way? and no, it was a multinational bank that should know better :/

@Jessica Beleza! Thanks for commenting! :)

@Jochen I'm not going to lie--when the email alert about your comment popped up, I thought "Jochen Junker? That can't be his real name." No wonder you had so much trouble here--I'm surprised more people didn't nickname you Junk or Junker (it's pretty cool actually!) In Brazil, you could be Jo, like the TV host, no?


I've had this problem living here in my home country. My name is Alisa, but people just take it upon themselves to change it to Alisha, Alissa, Alyssa you name it!
It seems that if people have never heard your name, they just delve into their own frame of reference and go with what they're used to instead of what you have told them or written. However, experiencing this, makes me make it a point to get other people's names correct.


I though I would not have problems in Canada, since my first name is french and this is a bilingual country. How wrong I was!!! NOBODY can say or write my name correctly. My last name is another nightmare. It's ARAGÃO (I dropped the "~" here), but they only say and write ARAGO.
In Brazil it was even worst because they used to totally change it to ARAÚJO!
Tell Eli to join the team!


What exactly is the bank's policy regarding latin names? (just curious, they must have some sort of, even if bogus, explanation for the public)

No one would get my last name right in Brazil, here in Canada the situation hasn't really improved... My first name often gets spelled with a "y", which I don't mind, or people call me Silvie thinking that I'm French. I don't really mind, as long as official institutions get it right it's all good.

Flavia Nazareth

OMG!! That hit home!! I've been trying to find a nick name to help me out a bit since I moved here!
My name is FLAVIA NAZARETH and I've been living in the us since 2006. I'm getting used to be called "FLEIVIA", which I really don't like.
I spell out my name AT LEAST 4, 5 TIMES a day, EVERY DAY. And not only that, I have to be very careful when spelling it out to avoid been called SLAVIA, OR FLAGIA, OR EVEN FLAZIA. So now I always say: "It is F-L-A-V-I-A, F as in Frank, and V as in victory".
I had someone in the office having a real hard time trying to pronunce my first name and so she decided to just call me FABULOUS, which I loved!
Spell check doesn't help me either, the suggestion it provides is FLUVIAL...LOL.

I also have to spell out my last name every time...whew...So I decided to just have fun with it. Now when I tell people my last name, I state: "NAZARETH, like JESUS". Once I was showing a property to a prospect buyer and when I told her my last name was Nazareth, she was amazed! She said I was from a very special "family" (lol) and that I should be very proud of it. Then she started to repeat:" Praise the lord, praise the lord!". So funny!!! She ended up buying the house!


mallory elise

ah yeah. for me it's not a problem in brasil---i say "mallory--like the toaster, or juicer...yeah the electric fan" so it's quite easy when you are a toaster :P

Ernest Barteldes

Having a last name that originates from Prussia, I have suffered a lot both in the US and in Brazil. It got so annoying there that I started using my mother's
family name instead (Silveira). My mail is often mispelled, and I get stuff like "Barteloes," "Bakteldes," and "Bertholdes." The worst so far has been "Bartenders." Maybe because I can make a killer caipirinha?

Most Brazilians call me "Ernesto," the Latin equivalent of "Ernest." I have no problem with that, and respond to both. Interestingly, some Americans who lived in Latin America some Poles also call me "Ernesto" because they think it sounds better (or so I have been told).


Yes My name is mistaken by immigration because usually most Brazilian have two last names ( one from mommy family side and other for daddy family side) here the use the last name as a middle name and is confuse because some paper from immigration have one way, but my social security is different, my drive license is different . So i decided make things easier and just take everything like SS, Green Card, Birth certificate, passport etc so i can proof myself. ( I mean only when is necessary like Motor Vehicle etc..)


Even some relatives from my paternal family in the UK cannot speak my name correctly "LH" is nearly impossible for britons to get right.

My parents wanted my name to be bilingual like Eric or Arthur, but at the last minute they decided to name me after my Dad's best friend in Brazil.

When I moved to London few people could say my name correctly, even people from latin countries had a difficult time saying Guilherme.

Oddly enough many people thought it was a Danish name.


Believe it or not, people are able to misspell my girlfriends name... HERE IN BRAZIL.

And no, its not a complicated name... its Alessandra. But for some reason, there are lot of illiterate people hanging around, that hear AleSSandra and always ask if its written with an X. NO!! It it was an X, it would sound completely different! SS DOES NOT SOUND like X in portuguese!!

Her last name is german and has only one vowel (and 6 consonants) so obviously, outside of southern Brazil where german last names are more common, people have quite a difficult time getting it right too.

@Guilherme... just tell them to call you William... the english equivalent name. (funny how different is the name!)

Jochen Junker

@Gringa: In Germany there is/was a well known Soccer player: JJ Okocha. Hence my computer login and eMail became jj@lab. Then I applied for my PostDoc in the US using that eMail and I was automatically introduced as JJ to people there. It was too straight forward.
In Brazil it is different. I admit, being compared to Jô would be great. But most people really want to say my name. It is part of the process of assimilation ;-) Also, I am head of a research group and the students actually like to stress that they get firsthand "out-of-Brazil" informations from a foreigner.

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