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September 01, 2009



Hi "Gringa",

I'm moving to Canada and usually all I get is Brazillians blogging about there life in Canada.

Your blog is "one of a kind" because shows a commited perspective of a foreign (sorry) person about Brazil.

Everyday it gets better and better ... Keep that way ...


Great post, and I totally agree w/ your reasons why some people in the US are against the healthcare reform. Have you seen these people at the meetings? They are insane. It's lovely here in Canada. Your problems w/ insurance are unheard of for us. We get our card and can go to the doctor and everybody takes it. A lot of meds are even covered - I get brand name Zomig for $25 bc it is on the Quebec formulary. A certain news channel makes sure these people stay uneducated and misinformed, they also love to use the "scary" Canadian system as an example. From my experience as an American in Canada, I think the system is great. Everybody is covered and there is no runaround.

Good luck on your job hunt and your health insurance.


For better health care in the US, Obama needs to stand up for tort reform so that doctor´s insurance costs can be brought under control. But then he would have to stand up to the lawyer´s lobby and no Democrat would do that. Talk about a group that has been beneffiting financially for decades,,,,

Ernest Barteldes

I wrote an op-ed piece on the subject that was printed in papers in NY and Kansas... you wont believe the kind of comments I got from Republicans...


Irene from American in Padua

I know this situation all too well. I had surgery in the US that was not covered under the insurance plan I had at the time. The US system does not help a huge amount of people but the fear of "state-run" anything keeps America from finding a solution for ALL to have coverage.
Did you know that as an uninsured patient, the hospital bills you MORE than what is accepts for almost all treatments that are paid by an insurance company? Basically there exists a "retail" price and a "wholesale" price for eveything and a poor Joe, who is not incredibly well-informed and not brazen enough to challenge the system, gets stuck paying generally 30% more on surgery and all other treatments? It's horrible!


I lost my heath insurance too. And I know how horrible, disrespectful, and amazing(bills) can be.

Meanwhile go to Free Clinic from NYU(917)544-0735 , sometimes you get more attention that you get in the private offices. Where doctor take about 5 minutes with you and they are only concern about money the money you bring IN. You worth what do you have....

This new system should put the insurance company in their place and stop hold all power of the american heathy system. You pay a lot every month never, sometimes even use, And than come a situation where you REALLY need and you just find out the retaliation from your claims with the insurance plan.

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