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June 01, 2009



THey being Watched by Federal Police....There's nothing they can try to do now. Hope they burn in hell!!!

Raquel (NY)

While this is great news, I would be wary of celebrating just yet. We all know what the L&S are capable of doing. It does help that the Federal Police will be on hand to watch Sean and that contempt of court can lead to imprisionment in Brazil, but this would not be the first time that they found a way of circumventing a court order.

Raquel (NY)

In any event, I am very excited and will keep my fingers crossed! Oh, and thanks for the update.

João Marcelo

I hope this whole ordeal is over for David, even though a new and harder one is about to begin...


This is amazing! I still have goose bumps!!


LeS uma coisa pra vcs ... Creeeeeeeeu

Ray Adkins

Brazil is finally showing some maturity on their judicial system!
Let's hope they are able to enforce it...


This is great news.Nonna and her castrated male cohorts still display no shame.
I find JPHorseTooth a shameful excuse for a husband/father.

Ernest Barteldes

I read that the family will appeal the decision.

Thaddeus Blanchette

They've got a mandato de segurança out right now, but that has to be ruled on in the next 24 hours. If that doesn't go through - and it's doubtful that it will - it's all over except for the whining unless they try something massively, flagrantly illegal.




I just readed the judge decision and it was great, but then came the Supreme Court...I`m a brazillian disgusted by the Brazilian Judicial System! But I still that the final decision will be Sean's return to the US


uh oh... Supreme Court meddled in... its obvious this case wouldnt solve so fast.

Ernest Barteldes

I kind of expected that to happen. Brazil has a lot of legal loopholes, and with a good lawyer, you can delay things like mad. I've been in legal battles
in Brazil, and as long as you have the means (or the patience, which was my case), things get delayed forever. Pity.

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