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June 03, 2009


Miyaunna Dechelle

Good job! This case just keeps infuriating me more and more.


Isso é uma vergonha pro BRasil.
Lá no meu blog escrevi um pequeno post. Fez muito bem Rachel.


I hope you mailed the letter as well. Or at least sent an email. The events are unsurprising but no less upsetting.

Ernest Barteldes

I think Ms. Clinton could help, but having her go to Brazil for this would probably stir anti-American feelings there... which are pretty bad anyway. The US should tread carefully. But Ms. Clinton is a great diplomat, she will know how to proceed in this case


Unbelievable turn of events.

I really feel terrible for David Goldman. That is a very well written letter. Let's hope the Brazilian Supreme Court does the right thing.


I gotta say, this is the first post I read from you that depicts the Brazil I know with 100% accuracy.


Disgusting. The sadder part is when he gets Sean back, whenever that may be, he will have to attempt to de-brain wash that child. He is most definately being poisoned by the Brazilian "family" members.

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