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May 13, 2009


Benjamin Gedan

I also enjoy cultural fusions, particularly creative cooking. (For a while, I worried that Tex-Mex, for all its glory, might be the height of cross-cultural cuisine in the U.S.!) But there is also something special about seeing cultures preserved in the diaspora, whether it's the Portuguese and Brazilian communities in New Bedford, Mass., or the Jewish neighborhood in Panama City.

Though a bit of mixing certainly enriches cultures, the "melting pot" alternative would ultimately be a lot less interesting.


Thaddeus Blanchette

You should take a look at the Jews who migrated here from Egypt after Nasser kicked them out in the 1950s. They're quite interesting ebcause their culture is mainly Arab, but they've maintained the Jewish religion.

Having seen (and interviewed) many Jewish American guys enjoying a vacation sans wife in front of Help, I'm a bit skeptical that there's a specific Brazilian "culture of infidelity", however. I mean, there sure seems to be a lot of gringos stepping out on their significant others down on Copacabana!

george glass

Its not the culture which is to blame, but the institution. Expecting your marital partner to be in sexual bondage to you is quite ridiculous!

Douglas Vilela

Vendo o teu interesse pelos judeus brasileiros, fiquei me perguntando se conhece o caso dos marranos do sertão. Procura o documentário: "A Estrela Oculta do Sertão", de 2004. É surpreendente.

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