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May 06, 2009



Hey Rachel,
Did you get a chance to see "O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saírem de Férias"? A totally sweet movie about a boy in 1970 whose activist parents are fleeing the police and leave him in a Jewish community in Bom Retiro. It's a simple movie, a little slow, but the first time I've seen a Jewish community portrayed in a Brazilian film.
Hope all is well and Eli is settling in!!

Rio Gringa

Nope, but I saw parts of it on TV once. There are still a bunch of movies I have on my list that I have yet to see. Eli's not here yet, but it looks like he will be here pretty soon!

Björn Siegel

Hello There,
I am a researcher at the Centre for German Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex and working on a new project on German Rabbis and their influence on Jewish life in Brasil. Heinrich Lemle is always popping up and I would like to focus on him a little bit. I already found material in Germany and in the USA, but I was wondering if you came across any further materials, I should incorporate.
Best Bjoern Brighton/UK

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