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May 25, 2009



Morri de rir, gringa!! Eu também ia ficar uma fera, mas o que fazer numa situação dessa, né:! Uma amiga minha, que não é gringa nem nada, também teve o mesmo "problema" quando chegou de Salvador pra fazer o mestrado no Rio. Tudo por causa do tal pãozinho francês que eles lá chamam de "cacetinho"...KKKK

PS: Ah, não sei se vc já leu, mas vi no jornal on line e lembrei de vc:
Caso Goldman: As lembranças que vó Ellie tem de Sean (http://www.oglobo.com.br/blogs/brasilcomz/post.asp?cod_post=187726)


I knew an Englishman who married a Brazilian and relocated to Fortaleza. For some strange reason, he refused to learn the language. Go figure.

Tiago Barros

auhauhauha, pau preto essa foi f.............
sensacional muito bom seu blog gringa.



Pior se fosse no Rio grande do Sul onde você chega na padaria e pede um "cacetinho".

Michael Mclean

Oh man I can remember having some moments like this when I did youth exchange in a little town in MG (2004-2005). One time my host aunt told me that the remote control was called a "caralho", i thought nothing of it at the time. Until, about three hours later my host sister and I were watching TV and I said "Mariana, pode me passar o caralho" to which she looked at me very strangely. I am returning to Brasil to work as an intern for the summer and I hope I don't have to many more of these moments.

Livia Silveira

HEHE... This might happen even between to "lusófones" (people who speak portuguese). I have a Mozabican friend, who lives in Brazil. Once, she had a very strong cold, and she had to take a injection in order to get better. The next day,she felt better and as I passed by to pick her up to go out with some friends, she enters the car and says: "Nossa, eu estava muito mal ontem! Muito mal! Só melhorei depois que me deram uma pica na bunda!" ("Wow, I was felt so bad yesterday! I only got better when I got an injection on my butt")The only thing is: pica is a portuguese word for "injection" in PORTUGAL. In Brazil, it just means the same thing as the above mentioned "pau"... hehe. As everyone in the car laughed at her, she couldn't understand a thing and says sadly: "Por que vocês estão rindo! Doeu pra caramba a pica na bunda! Tá doendo até hoje" (There's nothing to laugh about it! The "injection" hurt really badly! It hurts 'till now!".


Max Lantz

hahaha...luckily I've never said anything like that (that I'm aware of)...the worst I did was write "eu gozei da música"...Spanish cognates aren't always helpful

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