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May 02, 2009



Hi Rachel,

The bird in question looks like some sort of tanager from what I can see. They have a cool genus name: Piranga. I would go nuts down there with all the wildlife and plants! That's one of the things I miss most about the Manaus area.


OK, it's the Brazilian Tanager, or Ramphocelus bresilius. Its Portuguese name is Tie'-sangue. http://www.arthurgrosset.com/sabirds/brazilian%20tanager.html


That's a beautiful bird-- and how cool to see fruit trees like that! :)


The plant looks like taioba, which is is used to replace spinach in cooking. The tree is a mamoeira or simply put, a papaya tree. I think you will get the biggest shock when you go back up to the States and see how tropical fruit is insanely expensive and has no taste

As Tom Jobim once said(to paraphrase,because I am not sure of the exact wording)

To live in NY is great, but its shit.
To live in Rio is shit, but its great.

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