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May 21, 2009



What well-trained sheep.

I'm an atheist, but I support the concept of religion (although often not the practice) because most people need to be led and require well-defined boundaries. I'm all for anything that gets people to act like decent human beings, as long as they don't force their beliefs on others or foster an us vs. them mentality -- unfortunately, that aspect rarely happens. It's a shame that religion and common decency and common respect don't typically go hand-in-hand.


"What does it say about the state of Brazilian Catholicism when more and more people in the world's largest Catholic country turn to Evangelicalism every day?"

It says that Catholicism (not just Brazilian Catholicism) is anachronistic and is failing its congregation.

Catholicism is rooted in the past with out-dated principles, still trying to control it's followers with the "fire and Brimstone" approach.

I have no religious allegiances, but I am especially concerned with the attitudes and dogma of the Catholic church, from a humanitarian point of view.

A post on my blog " A gringo in Bahia" highlights my opinion of the abortion laws in Brazil (guided by the Catholic Church) http://gringoinbahia.blogspot.com

It's the October 1st 2008 posting.

The Brazilian people are not stupid. Many want to believe in and praise God, but find that the religion that they were brought up with is narcissistic and selfish.

Like Rachel I hate that churches ask money of their congregations, especially when a majority of their congregations are from the poorer classes. I avoid visiting churches (even as a tourist) where the buildings and contents are dripping in gold whilst the congregation is scraping around trying to feed itself.

Of course, Evangelical churches DO ask for money, but I do see more evidence of that money being redistributed back into society. Also these evangelical churches do a lot to keep many poor people from straying into a life of crime, by giving them guidance and assistance when needed. Evangelical churches seem to be more concerned with their congregation (in Brazil anyway) rather than controlling their congregation.


I have always been suspicious about the Evangelical craze in Brazil - most converts are poor and uneducated, and contribute a great part of their salaries for the upkeep of their churches. I also do not agree with their rules - I do
believe in free will and hate any religion that tries to directly control its followers --- But I must admit -- they are a pious bunch.


theres not even one church that dont ask for money... im a catholic but i dont go to the church as often as i should, but one thing is true.. i never heard about a violent crime commited by someone that goes regurarly to one of those evangelic churches... and i think i should say the same thing about the mormons and the Jenovah's Witness all around the world


I would like to sugest you to find out more about Christian Congregation in Brazil, (Congregacao Crista no Brasil) there are a few in the US, and a lot in Brazil. The way money is treated in this organization is very different from other churches. No one receives a payment for anything. There are no pastors, there are elders,cooperators,and others who do the preaching, administration, music, but all of them have their jobs out of the church. It's interesting to check out.
I love your blog, your writing style, and I admire you for being brave enough to live in Brazil, I am brasilian, and I am currently living in France, When I think about the problems we face there I don't know if I will one day return pemanently.
Good Luck


Can you maintain any institution without money? Or they aren't need donations? If I participate in any organization, I have an obligation to help maintain.
In the church, people find a place where the mind with them.
And the church is very important to unite all families and to teach the principles of God and live with other people in line. The families are broken and the children without direction. Brazil needs Jesus! Religious don't save nobody.

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