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April 21, 2009


Rob P

Love it.


Muito legal que voce escreveu em portugues! Os brasileiros vao gostar....e os gringos que falam a lingua! :D


Tenho que concordar com a Julie - os gringos que falam a lingua vao gostar mesmo! :D


Adorei seu post em português e tenho que dizer que tu escreve muito bem, conseguiu me fazer rir hehehe :D


The Spanish speakers will also enjoy your posts ;) Loved the story!


Haha, what a riot!


Woooooooops....I "won" one of those contests from Temperarte in Copacabana and had a similar conversation with the guy who called me. I thought I was special and learned just now that everyone "wins"...hehe : (

People definitely use some tricky gimmicks in Brazil. It kind of reminds me of the time I tried to go hang gliding and was really, really freaking out and asking the instructor a bunch of paranoid questions. When it was my turn to go they suddenly told me the "winds had changed." I only realized months later that the winds hadn't changed a bit but that they thought I was too paranoid and stiff-bodied to jump.

But then the instructor, who I now refer to as "Horny Renato," did attempt (successfully or unsuccessfully I won't reveal...hehe) to make out with me while we were sitting up on the rocks waiting for the "winds" to "change" back to normal Hehehehehe...interesting....


haha, funny story Rachel.

now, some questions...
"Ela me tinha açambarcada"

haha, I dont doubt this word exists, but I never heard it before. Are you trying to show us your portuguese vocabulary is better than ours? hehe :)

"duzenas" maybe it was a simple typo, maybe a mixture of duzentas com dezenas. :)

Melo Franco

Aos colegas incultos (huahua):
açambarcar = monopolizar

Sarah, eu adorei seu estilo em português! Lembrando que todo mundo é outra pessoa ao falar outra língua (confira: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/06/080625140632.htm) concluo que você é uma pessoa simpática também em português!

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