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April 04, 2009




after my recent scary encounter with mother nature, I'd take that view any day!

btw - Have all the fun you'd like with the lightbulb joke. We had it going up to 25 things at one point (you know, if the condominium and sindico have to get involved...)



Even cloudy it's really beautiful! I found your blog by chance yesterday and since then I've been basically glued to my seat reading everything you've written (I actually managed to tear myself to bed at 3.00am). It's really fascinating to read about how you began your new life in Brazil and how well everything has worked out. I'm so glad at having found your blog and I'm definitely going to become a regular visitor. I'm coming to Rio in June to do volunteering and thanks to you I know at least to pack up some shaving cream :D!

mallory elise

ahhh. that's so pretty :)


Wow, that's beautiful!!


Wow! That is pretty much the "postcard picture" view of Rio... or the whole of Brazil! That is fabulous!


I'd like to say, how does it feel like waking up every morning and seeing such a stunning view like that? You're blessed.

Ernest Barteldes

I live on Staten Island, with a view of Manhattan... But that does not compare to what you have...


Hanna, huh... i bought shaving cream in Rio on christmas.

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