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April 06, 2009



That's interesting about the fish on Friday. In the USA (at least in New York) you never order fish on a Monday (actually you should never even eat out on a Monday) because most people dine out over the weekend so the fish and everything else is delivered on Friday so it will be fresh for Fri-Sun. By Monday it's all old and the new deliveries haven't come in.

And I figured that here in Brazil, a Catholic country and all, that fish on Friday would be the way to go! I wonder if the old fish on Friday goes for sushi restaurants as well - again, I would have thought that most people would go out for sushi over the weekend.


In my opinion most of Rio's zona sul restaurants are disappointing and expensive, places to be seen and to eat pretentious food that ignores Brazils culinary roots.


Robyn is right. Friday is the day to order fish. In Rio it is not different.


That looks like a fun, casual place for lunch-- love the chairs! :)


Hello there, I work at Market Ipanema and I am extremely sorry to hear that your experience was not very good here,I invite you to come back and be my guest of honour in order to try to change your impression (the girl in jeans and converse was probably me - I am not a waitress I own the place- not trying to be hip at all!- just trying to serve the customers better).We do receive fresh fish every day except on Sundays. We are struggling with service but I will definetely give more training to the team, and try to improve my friday special ! Thank you.

Account Deleted

Definitely we should follow our instincts and get our own impressions.As far as Market Ipanema is concerned, I fully disagree with the blogger because the food I tasted was delicious, the staff was attentive not forgetting to mention the relaxing " carioca " atmosphere we can find there.

Peter A.

Market & Foneria were 2 of my "Go To " late lunch stops in Ipanema. I am vegetarian , so both places have great pastas that can be ordered just with mushroom and accompanying salads.
Market has a groovy courtyard vibe + they play cool tunes. The garota in jeans is bonita ! Obrigado for your great blog.

Marcos alves

hello I work in the market and I am there for a long time + I have to speak the truth and the restaurant very good and the service is improving too may believe .. and can also give. !! thanks for the space.
ass: Mark 1 single waiter.!

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