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April 05, 2009


mallory elise

hey now, i thought that was hilarious about what obama said about lula. i think its cute, they're buddies. they're both crazy characters. in 20 years they will make great movie characters. they need snuggies together. hehe. He SHOULD have given lula the ipod instead of the Queen. he'd prolly use it more :P

Thaddeus Blanchette

I still think that Kibeloco has the best take on their interaction...

"Simultaneous translation":


Sergio Heringer

I agree. This is that buddies thing. Funny anyway ;)


It is good that we all find humor in this meeting of world leaders. However, it is more important than ever that nations communicate and focus on shared problems. To fix the US economy we need other countries to pitch in with stimuli to their economies. The US cannot jump-start this solely by itself although it appears that is the expectation. It won't work this time around.
The good news here is that it seems that Obama is being taken seriously!

Gary Thurner

How about:

"Uh oh Irmao...who is the blue eyed white guy in the middle?"

Ray Adkins

Complete lack of social skills from Lula's part, not to mention, he didn't understand a word of the nice buddy talk pulled by Obama...
I am embarassed for Brazil regarding the semi-literate Brazilian president.


"High five! I mean...four?"

lol lol lol (so evil, but lol)

"Oh, you don't have blue eyes, so..you are good".

I was talking with my father about Lula's inability to speak English. We concluded that, he should have learned that. We understand that he has a poor background, but he could have taken lessons in the beginning of his presidential life. It would have been an example of willpower to any Brazilian.

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