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April 11, 2009



Ha, ha, like squirrels! They are so cute though. Love those crazy earmuffs!


When I went abroad, I reacted just like you with the squirrels! hehe

The name of the path is "Pista Claúdio Coutinho".

I study in Niterói, and in a street that leads to my university there are miquinhos. Once one baby mico fell from the tree. Everybody stop to look at it, while the mico mother was upstairs, probably waiting for everybody to go away, so she could catch the miquinho.


Em 1978 morava em Ipanema... estava grávida de 3 meses do meu filho, que hj é engenheiro(mora em Houston TX) e subí a pedra da Gávea. Era jovem, sem medo, cheia de tesao...hoje jamais faria. :0)


They are so cute!!! I'd love seeing those in the trees here, but I would be stopping to take photos of them all the time!

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