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March 29, 2009



They should show pictures of the family during those 28 years.... Like, if the family grows and she doenst... This way we just see her!!!! not really fair, but could be true... there are so many different and weird things!!!!


actully this is true and not unheard off. Last week Oprah did a special on this and showed how a 10 year girl was neglect all her life and was unable to develop. So she acted as if she still a 2 year old.

Doctors studied her condition to learn from it and were amazed by how much socialization, a loving caring family really means for the development of a person.

Also this girl was not born with any mental set backs. But through neglect and no stimulation to the mind she was unable to develop her brain.

An other popular story of the boy that grew up with wolfs from the Ukrain.

Maciel Grecco

Sorry but so bizarre! Come on Rachel, please, I like your blog. There are other spaces to show cases like that!

Ernest Barteldes

TV Diario... I always hated that channel. They cater for the so-called C and D classes in Fortaleza, their production is crass and so is their content... I should know, I lived in that city for ten years... am paying a visit on the third week of May...


Parece armacao/ looks fake


Wow, weird! Don't know what to say.

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