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March 28, 2009


Marcelo Soares

The problem is paying the bill. All these Brazilian mobile telecoms charge "the eyes out of one's face"...


Very nice Rachel, except for including the pope making sermons on TV. Nothing more outated or useless than a pope for a dying religion (as all religions should be).


Globalization on our way !!! Hehehehe !!
I had never seen this commercial before, very nice, yes! One that makes me laugh a loooot is the one of Wolkswagen "Rigorrosas"Hahaha Wit the two german guys arguing !!!
Bye BYe


Awsome! Genial!


Grace: you meant doing the sermon on the web. Well, as an atheist, I agree with you that religions are outdated. But what they meant after all, is that even the most traditional things are incorporating technology or something like that. Anyway, I am not a huge fan of this ad.

Anyone knows where the road scene was filmed? Is that USA? Brazil? Where?

Btw, has anyone seen DAVIDOFF´s ADVENTURE ad, with Ewan McGregor?? Filmed at Serra do Rio do Rastro, in Santa Catarina. Its an awesome and beautiful ad. I like its music too.


The best brazilian commercial ever.


so funny, i posted on this commercial and after i did a friend of mine told me he had too - i guess it touched quite a few people!!!

here's my friend's:

and here's mine:

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