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January 05, 2009



I'm pretty sure you can find mac and cheese at the Ipanema branch.


What's the exchange in US dollars for the bottle of Canadian maple syrup? I'm very curious to know...


R$45 equals $20 US or $23.60 Cdn
What is the size? 350ml? 12oz? or 375 ml (12.7 oz)?
A note about Hershey's chocolate. (I know, you did not mention it) I live in Canada. My UK friends always said the US raved over their Hershey's and they wondered why, as it was inferior to British stuff. I actually thought Hershey's was pretty good until I learned that the Canadian recipe that is made in Canada for Hershey's for the Canadian market is different than the US one,. We like more milk.


If I had some gurantee that I could wrap a bottle of Cdn maple syrup up safely I'd mail it to you...


Rachel, if you can wait till june i'll happily bring some mac & cheese in my suitcase.. hehehe.. about Canadian maple syrup, it's way more expensive than jemima's one. I'd say that 350ml at cotsco for CAN15$ maybe?(haven't been shopping in a while) but it's costco.. the ones for tourists are wayyyy more expensive.
I wish here in Vancouver we could find brazilian products.. it's available in Toronto, but Vancouverites go shopping at the market in Seattle.
Feliz 2009


I was reading the list to Alan when he suddenly jumped up: "Aunt Jemima is *not* maple syrup!" Hehehe, as a Canadian and a Quebecer, he cannot accept any sort of syrup that is not pure maple syrup ;)

PS: for those of you buying &15 maple syrup - the best stuff is the ones that come in cans (that's right, cans) and hail from Quebec. It cost about $5 for a 500ml can in Quebec (here in Toronto I found it for about 7$ at a local health food store). The fancy bottles are for tourists...


cool to find all of that in one store. I have been able to find just abouot all of that list (except the Junior mints) at Carrefour or Extra, but it is spotty. Zona Sul supermarket usually has a lot of that stuff too. Supermarkets discontinue or run out of stuff a lot, so where to get such items always changes. I used to be able to get mac 'n cheese at Carrefour, but have not seen it in a while. Have you checked out the WalMart in Barra? I bet they would have some of this stuff too.


I noticed today that the Zona Sul on Rua Gois in Leblon has Skippy Peanut Butter, both regular and crunchy.

mallory elise

hey go to Carrefour--they have all that junk there too! not that i've been to your carrefour, but im making an assumption. :)

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