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January 06, 2009


Margot Abirato

I'd heard about the book and I'll certainly ask my mom if she's already read it. ONce I am finished with the 1400 pages of Follet's latest World without end, I'll get my next books list sorted out. Just out of curiosity, how many pages this one has??? :o)) cheers,


that's so funny. i picked this book up at the airport bookstore this weekend and was contemplating whether or not i should buy it!


that's so funny. i picked this book up at the airport bookstore this weekend and was contemplating whether or not i should buy it!


I really wanted to read this.

Since the subject is Brazil in the US media, I thought you should read this (requires a free login).


The Wash. Post article talks about the Rio Police using Iraq war tactics in the favelas. Very interesting.

Maciel Grecco

"It's a little weird reading an American in another language, but in the end, his voice comes through just as clearly." It's funny, but it's not weird for me to hear from other not American people writing an article, a paper, a book, etc, in English. As the joke says, a person who speaks three languages is trilingual, a person who speaks two languages is bilingual, a person who speaks just one language is American (hahaha, I hope you find it's funny). :P



Este é o primeiro livro do Larry, e ele só lançou em português mesmo. Portanto, nem adianta procurar a versão em inglês.

E uma pergunta na parte política: Mesmo depois de ler todas as atrocidades do nosso querido presidente Lula, vc consegue admirá-lo da mesma maneira? (A parte que mais me chocou foi quando o Lula disse: FO#@-SE a constituição, eu quero esse cara fora daqui...essa doeu...)

Sorry pelo português...mas sou monoglota!!

ps. seu blog é sensacional, meu parabéns! Não ligue para os meus compatriotas chatos cérebros de galinha que não agüentam uma crítica.

um abraço,


Hey, Rachel, there has been no English translation and let's see if U.S. publishers would be interested. I doubt, since I don't think his articles were insightful even with the natural hard news limitations.

I agree with you that his personal tales would have made up a much more interesting read. Serious Brazilian correspondents in the U.S. tended to play down Larry stories in the NYT as a little bit of gringo stereotype stories, and I tend to agree. Larry seemed to actually had some fun in focusing in steotypes on purpose and laugh off at the reactions. My taeke on the book: very good. But, in your few years in Brazil and without the NYT resources, you have already published more insightful hard news stories.

His best story, by far: Lula's drinking habits, of course. The funniest thing about the absurd reaction is that, to this very day, no government official has ever disputed the actual facts. It tells a lot about our utter lack of self-esteem and about Nelson Rodrigues called our inate "complexo de vira latas".


Too bad he didn't write it in English - it's the kind of book that would have been interesting to have my husband read (he doesn't read Portuguese)...


It's a really amazing book. I picked it up myself after seeing the Veja article. His section about Lula is so TENSE - like reading a novel.

Wendy Irving

Hey Rachel...haven't seen you in BSH and hoping all is well! Missing you around. Some interesting things happening!! We may have some good news soon!! Miss you!! Wend

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