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January 01, 2009


Ray Adkins

Dear Rachel,

I love reading your blog, I enjoy reading about your adventures and observations of the Brazilian culture and social life, you write so intelligently and you are well articulated which makes reading your blog a pleasure.
You are creative and brave, your posts are provocative and interesting and you keep the discussions open and fair.
It is no surprise you have such a large reading public which certainly will keep growing in the new year.
I wish you all the best for 2009 full of health and happiness!


Rio Gringa

Thanks Ray! I really appreciate it.


Happy New Year!

All the best for health, happiness and prosperity in 2009. Keep up the good work.


Vivian A.

It's been a delight to read your blog for the past year(ish?).
It's become sort of a routine for me: check email, rio gringa, nytimes, facebook.
I hope the new year brings you all that you're hoping for!

Denise Arcoverde

Dearest gringa, I wish you ALL the abso-f'cking-lutelly BEST in 2009 :-) I love your blog!



I'm really new to the blog; I just started reading when a friend shared that "Top 10 things you better get used to in Brazil" post over Google Reader half month ago. As a Brazilian, I always find entertaining to read about the perceptions about me and my fellow "tupiniquins" by people from other countries, and so far your posts have been really insightful.

If I can offer you one single piece of advice for this next year, it would be this: stop worrying about pissing off Brazilians with your posts.

I certainly don't agree with you on every single point made on the many posts I got to read from the backlog. Sometimes I think you got it wrong because of a (understandably) limited knowledge of our culture, sometimes I just think you just have been subject to a unfortunate series of coincidences that made you think something was a cultural trait (I don't like unexpected guests just as much as you).

But even when I disagree with your conclusions, I can't help but noticing that you have been asking the right questions. Your perception of the subtleties of cultural behavior is almost always spot on, and for me that is much more important than getting to an universally agreeable conclusion. This is a blog, not a sociology essay after all.

So, keep doing what you're doing. People are going to get mad at you for pointing that out no matter what, so you might as well just run with it.

Thanks for the many good posts, and have a really nice 2009. ;)

Rio Gringa

Thanks everybody! Feliz Ano Novo!!

mallory elise

isn't it strange how fast things can happen, how slow things can happen, how things just happen in general. yeashh!!! i think every year i try to do a "look back on this year" it's amazing to think how many things have gone by in this short little life i've had so far, but all that aside--2008 was great, and 2009 i know already is going to be the year i've been waiting for, thanks for your daily posts, i can't wait to read one finally and say hey guess what im in rio too! :) happy new year Rachel! 2009 is the year of the blog! (screw the ox)


Are you preggers? Yay for the fast track to dual-citizenship!!!

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