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January 04, 2009


Mrs S

That is SO interesting!!! I really loved watching this! And can I also say that I hope to one day speak portuguese! The girl in this video that is speaking portuguese I love the way she speaks!

Ray Adkins


I like history, had a lot of fun reading all the links and the videos in your great post.

Thank you



wow, I found your blog and I got surprised about the way you speak about brazilian tales... lol..
A lot of brazilian dont know about what you told in this post. I liked this subject, congratulation!

Paul Dryden

that was so interesting


That was INCREDIBLE! I never heard of that in all of my life.


Rachel Rachel Rachel! I love this stuff!! I enjoy reading your blog very much and you never disappoint.


Interesting, but I wonder if they are racists.

Dorothy Harter

My late husband wrote the first book in English about the Confederate emmigrants to Brazil. He had been born in Brazii, descended from Confederados on both sides. He returned to the US as a boy, served in the US Navy in World War ll, became a US Diplomat and was the escort of Jimmy Carter and his wife when they visited the American Cemetery there. The book he wrote was "The Lost Colony of the Confederacy", has been in print since 1985 and is presently published by Texas A. and M. Press. He always pointed out that ironically, when the Confederates landed in Brazil they found a population of mixed races and after one generation they also married into the Brazilian population, so no, they don't understand racism.

Dorothy Harter

I neglected to mention my late husband's name when I wrote about his book, "The Lost Colony of the Confederacy" by Eugene C. Harter, the first book written in English on the subject of the Confederados in Brazil.

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