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December 26, 2008



Just a quick correction, Rachel, from someone who's known and work with this Juiz de Fora crowd in Rio: they are far more likely to settle with their families in Rio than to take helicopters back-and-forth to work. Jet-setting executives, actually, are much more a fixture in São Paulo than in Rio itself.

Juiz de Fora, as you know, is a mere 2 1/2-hour drive from Rio, which makes it a lot closer (including culturally) than it is to its own state capital, Belo Horizonte. An anedoctal fact: Juiz de Fora families are known to pick one of Rio's soccer teams to root for instead of their own Minas teams.

With the meltdown of their industrial jobs, a lot of Juiz de Foranos moved to Rio and stayed on, coming back only for the holidays and so on. And, by the way, not that it actually matters much, but William Bonner and his family have been living in Barra da Tijuca, like, forever.

Rio Gringa

Opa, you're right!

Ask any Juiz de Fora-ian, though, and they will insist the Bonners live there.


Familia brasileira realmente é a coisa que mais me deixa saudosa nessa epoca do ano. A minha familia no Brasil se resume a 9 irmaos,58 sobrinhos(as), 15 sobrinhos netos, 20 primos (primeiro e segundo grau) minha mãe e uma tia de 100 anos. Nao é uma maravilha ???? Aqui a minha familia se resume em meu marido e meus dois filhos. Muita diferença né mesmo? Nao...eu como voce, nao sei o nome de todos, mas sei que sao pessoas muito lindas e queridas.
bjs e feliz ano novo.


Hi Gringa!

Welcome to Minas Gerais, instead Juiz de Fora culturally looks like to Rio! We call it, "eXXquina do Rio".
If you have time come to deep Minas Gerais, try to visit Tiradentes, Ouro Preto, Lavras Novas, Diamantina, Araxá, Januária, Jequitinhonha valey and why not Belo Horizonte to undestand a little about the mineiros and to breathe the air of the mountains. We are many different from cariocas.

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