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December 29, 2008


Tereza (Bruxelas)

I'm Brazilian but I live in Belgium

Tereza (Bruxelas)

I'm Brazilian but I live in Belgium


I am from Brazil but I have been living in Belgium for four years and a half. I am coming back soon to Brazil since I am finishing my PhD. As you, I had a blog about livin abroad, but I gave up because I am not good with words...

Happy New Year !! Best wishes ...


I am a new reader to this blog, and so far, it's been a perfectly good read :)

I am from Cingapura and am married to a German-Brazilian. I'll be moving to my husband in Sao Paulo later this year - a whole 25 hours away from my little dot of an island - which explains why I've been Googling "expat brazil" every few days.

I am largely open to living in an entirely different world though my nerves and apprehension must surely count for something. :)

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