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December 03, 2008



Some relatives of mine live in Blumenau. They are safe and their homes are intact, but the company they run was flooded and they lost many things. Este é o menor dos males, they are alive and this is what matters.

Ray Adkins


The notion of "Global Warming" is debatable for this specific situation in Santa Catarina. They are know to have severe flooding from time to time.
You can probably google and find out more about their history with floods.
They had some big ones in the 80's, but you are right about the "Tornado" like events being totally unusual for Brazil at all...


I didn't get it. To mention that Santa Catarina state is mostly white and middle class, unlike South of U.S., is going to make people more helpful? What has the disaster to do with that mention? Is there an implicit message that they deserve help for that?

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