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December 27, 2008



We were in Belo Horizonte for 6 months and visited a further two more times all this year. When we took our visiting Canadian daughters (in their early 20s) to see the herd of 30 or so cabyvaras at Pampulha it was the highlight of their trip and we went back often with every visitor. One daughter said, "If I had known I was going to see cabyvaras I would have been REALLY excited to visit Brasil. I have been googling them every two weeks never knowing I would actually see them."

Ray Adkins


It sounds almost like Florida, we would see Alligators basking in the sun while walking our dogs and found "black mocassin" snakes all along the way in the side walks and in the city parks.
That is the main reason we left and came back to the Northeast.

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