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November 18, 2008



...I miss Rio so much


Eduardo Sant'Anna

global warming disaster? No, no... this is quite usual!

Ok, ok... happens more often from Dec thru Feb, but it can pretty much happen anytime of the year.

If it was terrible like this in the "Zona Sul" - that unquestionably receives the best treatment from the government in terms of infrastructure - think about how it was in other parts of the city.

Welcome to the real Rio!


Eduardo is right. We call this phenomena
"chuva de verão". Normally it rains at the end of the afternoon every summer, they could be really heavy storms sometimes.

Normally the worst storms happen in the end of March and through April and May, it is not very uncommon to see lots of flooding these months.

November has usually been a rainy month as well, although storms like yesterday's are not very common.


The photos as usual are gorgeous,but more important, so great to actually say hi!


Hi, I just found your blog last night and really enjoyed reading it!! when i was in my twentys I dream of travling much like you have but soon became a mom & wife and my dreams came to an end.
But I enjoy your sharing and what its like to live in a different place. marina


I'm sorry to tell you this, and I hope you won't take it as coming from another "gloom and doom carioca", but...what you call a "global warming disaster" we cariocas unanimously call it a big public government failure just like Katrina...only it's permanent and has happened every summer since the 1960's...

Well, welcome to the land of no accountability, no authorities showing up to say anything meaninful after a disaster or talk about if and when they'll do something or there's something to be done to make sure the storm won't hit us so hard next time. They just take for granted that new stormm will happen, we are used to them, no one will call them accountable, and that's life in the tropics!

It's not! A lot of public urbanists have blamed as the sole and only reason for that yesterday crisis the utter local government's failure in taking prior and proper care of water sewage system on a permanent basis. No matter the politician, no matter his or her party affiliation, they don't seem to think that there's the slightest chance of being held accountable. Ever.

To quote Fitzerald in Gatsby: "And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

Best, and hold on!

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