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October 01, 2008



Hi Rachel!

Thanks for your comment :-) Paul had also told me about your blog and said he thinks we'd get along, haha. I love your blog and hope to develop mine as much as you have with yours eventually...

As for this post - Veja São Paulo is also my bible for the city, and you're right, Veja is a great source of cultural news, but not so much else... haha. I also love that you read BBC as your source of news seeing that American news aren't particularly reliable either ;-)

I'll try not to fill your blog with various comments, but I'm very glad Paul introduced me to it!! i might be in Rio for a weekend this month, so I must get some tips from you before I go!



And who says that Americans don't understand irony????

Loved the link to the BBC.




I meant to leave a comment in that post speaking ill of Veja, too! Hee, I see others have beat me to it.

One good thing one can say about Veja is that they're always consistently right-wing. Most of the Brazilian media bowed to Lula at one point or another (e.g. praising his American-dream-like story shortly before he became president), but Veja never did.

I find it somewhat amusing that our definition of right-wing is in so many ways different from the American one. I mean, few Brazilians who support parties like DEM and PMDB would willingly praise Bush, McCain or Republican values in general. The Second Amendment is a non-issue here (the one time they did try to discuss arms, there was a referendum on the subject, which was a total failure), environmental issues are seldom mentioned, abortion and gay rights are never discussed... Meh. What do you think of Brazilian politics?


I already suspected that was your reason for buying it, since you clearly know all these things very well. Indeed Veja Rio can be a nice guide to events in this city. What I hate about Veja is that everything in it seems to be biased and manipulated to suit their political orientation. You pointed well: its journalism is highly subjective (Fox News, haha) and i would also put that it lacks professionalism. Its issues always come embedded with jocous comments and pictures (with silly subtitles, of course). For example, they once put a picture of the comedian Bussunda posing as Lula to ilustrate a quote from the president above the subtitle "ooops, we got the wrong picture." Not to say the great relevance (like "Che Guevara didn't smell well", thank you Veja! I didn't know that) and accuracy (like "Paulo Freire didn't bring any contribution to Western culture") of their "findings". Its not for their political view, but for their attitudes and bad journalism I get upset, because I know that there are a lot of people out there who considers Veja the most reliable source of news, just because it sells (I know its not your case!). That's why I restrain myself from buying it.


oh no, i put "subtitle", actually its "caption". Wrong word, only today i realised it. That's okay, a little engrish wont hurt.

Alfred R. Baudisch

I gotta agree with you there. VEJA isn't the best source of information for those interested in Brazilian news, as it is very impartial on its texts of politics and economics.

I had a 4 years subscription of VEJA, but once I knew Exame, I had to cancel and drop VEJA to trash. EXAME is full of business (what I love and what I am in :p) and without manipulated information which VEJA seems to do the best: manipulate here and there, so they can have the masses agreeing/going against what they want, to make some "superior" favors.

Anyway, I like the VEJA Specials too. As I live in Curitiba and have some projects that involves restaurants, VEJA Curitiba is also a bible.

Well, amazing blog you got there, I will keep track now :)

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