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October 04, 2008


mallory elise

gush. hehe.

i think he's just trying to be more lyrical, news reporters get bored, they really want to be poets and novelists.


Raquel Keshi

I don't get any surprised with stereotypes, at least not after that infamous Simpsons episode.

And I really don't care, either, because there are always people who knows about this being...Absurd.



hehe! I love you!


Espero que seu olho esteja OK agora! Conseguiu ver algo do festival do Rio de cinema?


hehe! I love you![2]

Roberta Zouain

just got here after seeing the highlight on yahoo this morning. great blog and writing, keep it up!

this time article is, as many others are, so much biased. it seems to me that these people writing still believe that brazil is only about amazonia, rio, soccer, samba and caipirinha, and everything else that don't fit any of these is just some eccentric coincidence. i still believe, though, it's not entirely the journalist's fault, since many of us don't really do much to fight this stereotype; in fact, it seems that some people are even proud of it. how other people see our country is, in much extent, how we want them to see, so it's up to us to show them something else. of course, a little bit of journalistic research wouldn't hurt either.

kind regards, roberta

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