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October 06, 2008


mallory elise

i wonder why he didn't go to brazil sooner, why did he wait so long to go after his son, it's not thaaaaat hard to get on a plane. hmm. sad.


hmm, maybe if we get alot of people to email Fantastico they'll do it?
I'm sending an email, and I'm going to forward this video along with your other post about it to more people asking them to email fantastico. I know at least 3 other people will do it.

James Josephs

Mallory, before spouting off your ignorant blather, why don't you do a little research. David has been in Brazil many, many times in the last four years at his own personal expense. He has been on many planes back and forth and been many court hearings in Brazil. In those four years and many visits, David Goldman has never been permitted to see Sean, not once in over four years!

Here are some Portugese links, including an article that appeared on Correioweb that should be sent to your Brazilian contacts




Hi Rachael...

I have been obsessed with David and Sean's story ever since reading it here earlier today. I hurt for them, and sympathize with David. What my husband is going through with his ex-wife can't even be compared with David's situation, but the root of it all is the same. Selfish, bad people. I could go on forever about this. I can understand why David feels hopeless. And the questions that come through my head are I am sure the same as the ones that go through his: "how can this happen?", "how can the judicial system let this go on?". I truly hope we can help him spread his story, and maybe someone that has at least a little influence will see.

This world is truly small. Going through Orkut I found out that last year I was introduced to Bruna's sister here in LA. She lives here.

I really hope we can do something to help. Even if it is a little. I will write a post about it on my blog, and would like to put a link to the posts you wrote about the story, if you're ok with it.

Rita B.

Judging by the latest media update from www.bringseanhome.org, it appeears that the political connections of the Lins e Silva family has effectively censored Brazilian media coverage of the case: (see below)

"MEDIA UPDATE: We were informed late last week that the family court judge in Rio issued an order prohibiting all press in Brazil from publishing any information in this case. Even opinion pieces are not allowed. Anyone who disobeys this order will be levied with a hefty fine, including journalists who have already published news on the case. Several Brazilian attorneys we have spoken to informed us that this order is both illegal and unconstitutional in Brazil. We hope the order is reversed soon."

Rita B.

There is an article and video in David Goldman's local hometown newspaper (which is also my local paper) today:

News story: http://www.app.com/article/20081015/NEWS/810150353/1001/newsfront

Related video: http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?Category=VideoNetwork&pid=5f291b0253b26bacf1c9fa8b267ccc390f653933&videoid=890513678

Rita B.

Portugese language Brazilian newspaper in Miami published a story on David yesterday. When will the gutless Brazilian media step up and be heard?


Rita B.

David Goldman is in Rio TODAY trying to see his son.

Why have you stopped covering this story?

You should be trying to interview him!

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