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October 22, 2008



3) the same view of Brazil

One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is that it's not an "agenda blog". Your perspective always seems balanced, sometimes objective and sometimes subjective but always honest. My view of Brazil is the same as any country on earth, in that it is filled with human life in all its misery and beauty, and you talk about both sides of this same coin in a way which communicates a real experience of Brazil rather than any attempt to make your readers view the country in a more positive or negative light.


I enjoy your blog and lists. I lived in Belo Horizonte for 6 months this year so after reading your opinions and observations about Brasil it confirms my view of the country and citizens as positive. I knew little about Brasil before I left Canada although I have travelled to other continents. There is hardly one thing that I found negative or irritating about the people or system. OK sometimes time moves at a different pace but since I was not working while there this did not affect me. Item on the news yesterday told of wait times for services and one highlighted was time spent in a post office. My ears perked up! As I thought, the Nordic countries had a short wait time in a line for a stamp, Canada was in the middle and Brasil was in the last third. I spent time there observing people and learning Portuguese.

mallory elise

i said THE SAME because i have MY own view of brazil--reasons why i love it etc and how I experience it (obviously different from yours because one i have never been there), i come to your blog because i like to read YOUR opinions, but it's funny that no matter what i read, see, hear, even if it's bad, nothing seems to change my opinion on a country in general. actually it makes my opinion, maybe stronger. nothing can be great unless it also has its terribles, and sadly brazil has its fair share of terribles, but it endures none the less. i may be biased i dunno. prolly am. we all are.

This is what i think of as brazil: [Bresil] n'est qu'un roseau, le plus faible de la nature, mais c'est un roseau pensant. haha! perhaps no one will read french--but that is Pascal, he is very dramatic, but he is saying that human is a bog reed, or a cat tail, the weakest in nature with the big willow trees standing next to him, but as you know the metaphor, the reed bends and survives no matter what, it's stronger than the tree that can fall down, and that really doesn't have a brain. at the end he says--its a reed that thinks, that feels. it can get beat up, but somehow it's still there. haha blaaaaah!


Better. I am learning because I believe that in a few months I will be relocating to Brazil with my husband and I wanted to learn more about it. My Dad lived in Brazil for a few years when he was a teenager in the late 70's early 80's and he has nothing good to say about it, so i wanted to find out myself how americans living in Brazil felt about it. And I feel better, a LOT better after having read your blog and few others! So thank you and keep your opinoins coming!!

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