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August 10, 2008


Uma Brasileira nas Arábias

I liked the first sentence tentative of shocking everybody. I'll use it when needed! ;)

mallory elise

that's so funny, i call my laptop baby too, mine died while i was still in france though, so i had to get a new one, an HP too. the old one was Hamilton (RIP) the new one is Anthony. No one ever seems to realize just how importnant the computer is to a writer. we are dead without it. sniff.


And your dead grandparents also went into a warp speed spin with that opener.
Have fun with HP - and I hope Jon's treatment goes well and that it solves his problem. I'm sure someone will keep us posted.


I wanted a mac but settled for the HP too.
And like Malorie, I name my laptops too!
While I was in high school they assigned everyone a laptop (which was all yours 'till summer) his name was Greg. Now my HP's name is Harry... because of Harry Potter... even though I only read the first book of the series... haha I'll stop rambling now!

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