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August 12, 2008


Uma Brasileira nas Arábias...

I don't know Philly, but must be a beautiful place for sure. As a Brazilian, I must confess that one of my first concerns when I move to other place is the weather. I just can't stand snow. I really can't! It makes me so sad and lazy...
When we moved to Middle East I heard everybody complaining about the hot (really hot, believe me) weather, but I preffer this high temperature than cold ones.
My reason for this trauma was the extremely cold weather in Istanbul, where I lived before, and the lack of infrastructure to deal with it. Once I was trapped at home for 1 week, without even mineral water (I had to boil tap water), because there was so much snow outside that I couldn't open my gate to go out and do grocery shopping, or even find my car on the parking lot. Lol.
But I'm sure America deals much better with snow problems and people overthere may have a normal life when it occurs.


Hey Rach -
It's Arwen. Yes, I've been stalking.

Let me just throw this down for the record: don't move to Philly. I'm not saying this as an across-the-board thing. Some people would enjoy it. You are just most certainly NOT one of those people. All the things you enjoy about NY are hard to find there. There's night life... but it's kind of trashy. There are restaurants... but you could probably eat at all of them within a year. There are shows... but not the variety that you find in NY. The apartments are cheaper... sometimes. And if you're living in one that isn't over a storefront that's covered in graffiti and has a smashed window, it's going to be comparable to rent in DC. The people are unpretentious, but they're also kind of rude... and some of them are just downright racist. I love philly. I have ridiculous Philly pride. But I grew up around it without much of a choice. Don't get me wrong, you are one bad ass chick, but I think you'd get tired of it really fast.

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