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August 14, 2008



I definitely think you hit the mark on this one in a lot of ways. I get defensive abroad because I'm constantly getting criticized as an American about these very issues. But then whenever I come home, I get shocked about how my friends are totally clueless about even simple things, like Brasil being Portuguese speaking.
I don't think New York is totally unique in its worldliness though. I grew up in Cleveland, and I don't think the word cosmopolitan comes to mind when people think of it. You'd really be surprised though. I see immigrants everywhere and I get exposure to other cultures pretty frequently.
My own family is an example, we definitely had the support of a strong Indian community here. But nonetheless, I meet plenty of people who love Mexican, or Chinese or Indian food, but hate how terrible the accents are or how "those people" take everyone's jobs


But there is no city in the world like New York though. I was in no way pretentiously suggesting Cleveland is on the same level as New York ;)


obviously we share a similar view in more ways than one about the U.S., this is very true and at times has been a personal struggle for me to look at my own country and think how ignorant, spoiled, and sheltered we are from the rest of the world...most times i feel like a drone created by society here that on the inside im screaming for any outside influence to wake my life up...

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