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August 13, 2008



"...we will have stood up to big business and told them, in the words of the great Kathy Griffin, to suck it."

Ahh, Rachel, if only, if only. Great post! I have a bit more to say about this topic, but for now I just wanted to say if you like the parody of our future "state" as shown in Wall-e, you should definitely check out the show Futurama. It is hilarious! There's an episode where even the dreams of Fry, one of the lead characters, are dominated by advertisements.

mallory elise

i agree with you on the out of controlness that is the american food industry and all of the businesses therein, but with talking to friends via phone and internet, sometimes its the only way!


Hey Rachel! I absolutely love your blog, it's one of my favorites. I've been reading for a while, but never commented. I saw your blog on Elaine's blog (Moments and Thoughts). And...Yes! It's some adventures in the South! I first lived in Texas (for 4 months) and then moved with my husband to old Arkansas where we've been living for 2 years and a half! You're always welcome to my blog! I'll be looking forward to your post about health care system!


Well, the corn surplus is a not going to be an issue again anytime soon. Between the additional use of corn for making ethanol combined with the floods in the midwest this year (and droughts in the south for the last few years) a corn shortage will be the concern! Corn prices have risen drastically the last few years, and the economic supply and demand concept would indicate it's not because of a surplus! Furthermore, the agriculture industry is comprised of awful lot of the "little guys" too - not just big corporations.

(I do understand what you are saying about big corporations, but the entire agriculture industry far too often all gets thrown into that category. Lots of love sent your way Rachel, but I have to make a little stand here for all my family and friends who are farmers . . . some of whom may very well be going out of the farming business (loosing farms that have been in the family for 100+ years) after having their farms and homes destroyed by the flood this year.)


Don't worry Emily--I know small farmers aren't the enemy. You really have to read this book and see how they are just another player getting taken advantage of by the big businesses.


You have to be careful when you complain about big buisness. I get perplexed by this why people dont talk about the benefits of big buisness. There are more benefits than hinderances. The reason we can email is because of big buisness. We fly to Brazil because of big buisness, drive in cars, wear nice jeans, eat good food, get life saving medicine, and go to the doctor. All because of big buisness. I have relatives in another state, and because of email I write to them every other day and keep in touch with them with out having to make long distance calls. Because of my cell phone I am now on the phone with my mother almost everyday instead of once a week before I had a mobile phone. Our lives have continually improved because of big business. We have safety and security, and shelter because of big business. I could go on and on, plumbling , water, solar, nasa, education..etc. The only people not effected by big business are the tribes living in the jungle. If you want to go live like them go ahead and aviod big business.


You're right that business is a big part of our lives, but apparently, big business didn't teach you how to spell.

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