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July 22, 2008


Trapped in NJ  No Longer

"Though taxis in Rio aren't exactly cheap, you also are not required to tip them"



Yup. You round up to the next real.



Trapped in NJ  No Longer

Live and learn, huh?


Compared to cabs here in LA, taxis in Rio are really cheap.
I also can't understand this tipping thing. It really irritates me. I thought tips at restaurants were supposed to be given when you receive a good service, but nowadays people expect it from you, even if they treat you like shit. In Brasil I always tipped hairdressers, that was something I learned from my mom. But I know not a lot of people do it. Everytime I go to the salon here in LA, which is once every weeks (yup! wait until you get some grays!!!), I tell the lady in the front desk to add 20% to the colorist, and she immediatelly asks: "do you also want to give something to the assistant?". It makes me mad. My thought is, she is the colorist's assistant, shouldn't the colorist tip her?
Sorry about the mega comment...


I also got a little confused by the taxes not included in the prices when I arrived in Canada, but a after a while, I noticed an important difference: in the beginning of this year, the federal government dropped its taxes by 1%. That meant an instant drop of 1% in all prices, of course. By the same time (I think you were still in Rio then), the Brazilian congress decided to extinguish one of the many (many, many) taxes embedded in prices - the infamous CPMF. Did any retailer dropped its prices accordingly?

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