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July 09, 2008



I like to go to Whole Foods too. I found good mangoes there. hahaha


You've been going to Whole Foods since you were 10 years old, by the way. We went to the one in La Jolla, California, where we had breakfast every day for a week. This was before the chain even opened on the East Coast.

You are seriously cutting edge, riogringa!


I love it too. I was looking into opening one before I moved to Brazil (FYI you can't, they don't franchise, the stores are corporate-owned). When in Sonoma on my honeymoon we stopped to pick up a few things on our way to our B&B, and I told my husband, "You could have just brought me here, to Whole Foods, for our honeymoon," which I don't think he to this day really gets... haha

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