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May 23, 2008



You have pretty much summarized the way that I and a lot of people that I know feel about this subject. It's hard to ignore those people, but you have to for the sake of your own sanity sometimes, everyday life in Rio would be absolutely impossible if you can't somehow get past the atrocities we witness everywhere.

On the other hand I'd also get annoyed when I'd see someone asking for money carrying their toddlers with them, or by the beggars who everyone knows that aren't actually homeless but figured out that they can sort of make a living begging for money. I sometimes give money to kids or buy them food, wishing that that will actually help them somehow... Oh well.


Esse é um problema que infelizmente perdura no Brasil por decadas e centenas de anos.
Me envergonha profundamente, que ninguem faça nada pra reverter essa situaçao.


I never give money to anyone on the street, here in Salvador or in the US. Unfortunately there is a huge problem with crack here, and so often if you give money, it goes towards buying drugs. And many homeless parents manipulate and use their children to beg for money because people will feel more pity towards kids and give them money vs. giving money to an adult. Pretty much anytime you see a kid begging, there is some adult waiting "in the wings" to receive all or some of the money the kid is able to get.

I think the best way to combat this huge problem is to support those organizations that are working to help out the poor and homeless here. By doing the volunteer work that you do, you are making a contribution towards improving this terrible problem. But yeah, seeing it in your face every day really does suck. And I have very similar feelings about the matter.

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