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February 01, 2008


Roberta B

hello dear

I m a brazilian and I do felt embaressed when I heard that Viradolro was going to do such a awfull thing . I agree with u when u said "these guys just dont have a clue" and I do believe it is a scholl system falt. I had the opportunited to study in the US for a year and the way u are tought History is much different than ours . I mean with all the midia , videos and technology u really show ( at least to me) a variety of chapters in history in a much more interresting and seriuos way . I cried when I saw on TV the car of Viradolro .It was probabily the most desrespectful thing that could be done . Grotesque. Nothing what Carnival means and i dont know wth was going on that people´s mind. I m really sorry for all the sadness that for sure it already caused in many people and ashamed because Brazil didnt need one more case to downgrade this wonderful party .

Emma Klein

From far away, from germany, in bad english some words.

I think, that Carnaval is really not the right place to discuss genoicide. So its good, that the float was not seen.

But it seems to be too simple, to write "these guys just don't have a clue". The group write about the "Communists, homosexuals, gypsies, the mentally and physically disabled, intellectuals against Hitler’s regime, men, women and children that died brutally, victims of Nazism". So they have thougts about the german fascism, they know things. Maybe more things as the "normal" German, American or Brasilian, who always discuss the jewish victims, but forget the first victims of the german fascists: The communist, the social-democrats and the other left activists.

But all in all this cant be an excuse for the float.

Greetz, Emma

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