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November 27, 2011



This is something that affects everybody - how the high tax burden makes even "staples" extremely expensive in Brazil... it's not just electronics that are overpriced! In this post there's a comparison showing that sugar, for example, is far cheaper in the U.S. because in Brazil 33% of its value is tax.



i would like to see something (if you haven't already written about it) about brazillian sexuality. after living here almost 2 years, i have a lot of questions about:
1) the number of "straight"men having sex with other men, but do not consider themselves gay.

2)their insistance that their overtly sexual behavior is just "being comfortable in their bodies".

3)the preoccupation with a woman's sexuality above all else.

4) the preoccupation with anal sex and "kinky" sex.

5)their constant need for affection and reassurance (they seem to have no internal connection with themselves. all energy MUST be supported and validated by others)

6)their insistance that they are VERY conservative (when this is clearly not the case)
* i do not see these things as "bad" or "good" but rather "illogical."


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