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April 06, 2010


Luís Guilherme

The fun video is from the last flood.

mallory elise

i heard about the flooding on the news last night. shocking really. henrique said he's never seen something like that happen because of rain, i remember the flooding on the coast in santa caterina a few years ago, but it's much different in a crowded city. Sao Paulo has had so much rain in the past few months, but nothing as severe as 100 victims. well, maybe in rain related car accidents. it's raining here now, but not flooding. fortunately my only casualty are my running shoes as the park is now a swamp.


I know a lot of people were killed, but I can't stop thinking about people spending 12 hours waiting for a bus, under heavy rain and hungry.
After being so relatively close to the flood in Itajaí a few years ago, my mom refuses to believe nearly 100 people died.

Ed Tuthill

Devastating images, and a stark reminder that although Rio is a beautiful city, it is also dangerous in more ways that one. Ironic that one of the things that makes it beautiful (the gorgeous mountain landscapes) are also a source of the danger (landslides).

My heart goes out to all those dealing with this disaster, including my friends and their families in the area.

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